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14 December 2011 @ 12:54 am
Oh space journal.  
I'm not recommending serious dental procedures of any kind that often result in the extraction of a most *beloved tooth, but if your sister is still on the fence about taking you to see Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, it doesn't hurt to be in a lot of pain when you ask her again because there is more of a likelihood of her buying you a ticket because you look like a sad puppy. I mean I'm just saying.

I cracked my back tooth a few days ago and it's been most inconvenient and annoying. I went in for consultation of sorts and it turned into a, We-can-get-that-tooth-out-since-it's-past-the-point-of-saving-type of consultation and I was like, UM OK. I've never had positive experiences with the dentist. A lot of trauma comes to mind, but seriously who has had positive experiences with people who drill and prod your mouth with metal.

I made the mistake of choosing The Office to watch during the procedure. I don't think I can watch Fun Run ever again... I probably just need some time. Yeah, maybe that's it.

Don't take this away from me too, Dentist!

And no the laughing gas doesn't help, I mean I still know what's going on! Only now I slur my sentences and I can't stop thinking about how my legs and arms feel like they're on strings, I would liken it to a marionette thingy. Sometimes I would raise and wiggle my arms because it felt like someone else was doing it and it entertained me a lot, but not before frightening me. The last time I was on laughing gas, I ended up crying in this disturbingly hilarious way- I pretty much freaked my dad out. And IV sedation or anything to that effect will only cause more damage because it just would, shut up. I have to be awake. It's like a very sick way for me to deal with these things or not deal, whatever.


Anyways, I'm all better now! My parents bought me pudding! I watched some mundane television on my brother's new flat screen while attempting to eat a grilled cheese sandwich. And it was delicious, because my mom was right, I do make the best grilled cheese sandwiches.

*all teeth are beloved and are needed because they help me eat delicious cheesy food.
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